Additional Material

Here you will find additional material referenced in the book. Examples, tools, images, videos and complementary content Each one is a “Small thing” included in the book.

5-Star cab driver

Ildefonso Barajas offers WiFi and other ammenities in his taxi.

Thank you for your purchase

Tutu Party includes a thank you note with every dispatch.

Which fragrance do you want in your room?

Allure Aroma Mocawa hotel in Armenia allows you to select the fragrance for your room.

A medical exam that can be enjoyable

A medical exam at Clinica del Country in Bogota is relaxing, thanks to the image on the ceiling the patient sees when having the exam.

From Amy’s team with love

Lush Cosmetics‘s box comes with a touching message: “This gift was lovingly packed by Amy’s team.” It demonstrates they care.

We’re here to help

In The Bag cleaners offered their service for free to those who needed it for an interview: “If you are unemployed and need an outfit cleaned for an interview, we will clean it for free! When times are tough, we will help you look your best. – Dave Coyle, Team Leader.”

Welcome, ladies, to your shop

Natalia Herrera‘s boutique anniversary celebration for their customers in Buga, Colombia.

This is what amazing service looks like

Small things used by 101 Park House hotel to surprise their guests.

You look great in that cap

Here’s how Starbucks Connecta surprised one of their clients.

Tools to design your Customer Journey

Explore these tools to create customer experience maps.

Security guards’ musical performance

Security guards at Cali Chamber of Commerce surprised with their security recommendations performance during a workshop.

You don’t have to love thousands, 50 people is enough

Kleenex in Israel decided to surprise 50 people sending them a small thing with a “Feel good” message. An overwhelming impact.

Pet in a clothing store

Levi’s at a shopping mall surprised their visitors with a pet at the store.

Relax, we’re in charge now

Here’s how Open Market welcomes every new client: A small inflatable pillow, earplugs, a sleep mask, and a message that reflects their philosophy: “Relax, we’re in charge now.”

We’re sorry to see you go

Basecamp is a technology company that gives a warm farewell to their clients, making them think twice if they sholud really leave.

Our heartfelt thanks!

Love begins at home. Spanish Red Cross publicly thanks to their team of volunteers.

Thank you for trusting our product

San Marcos Cement periodically makes on-site visits to construction sites, where they thank workers for using and trusting their product.

Served by its owner

Änana Art Juice provides special attention to their clients, with hugs and sometimes kisses included.

Chocolate shaped as your initial

Dynamite Training in Panamá send their customers a chocolate shaped with their respective initial. In this case, “T” from Teyra.

Using drones to make customers fall in love

Dismet, an engineering company, gives their customers aerial views of their projects, that also help them promote their company.

A thank you note with useful information

Curvy (now Inanna Swimwear), a store specializing in large-sized swimsuits, encloses an explanation of how to perform breast self-examination.

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