Additional Material

Chapter 1

Additional information of examples and brands mentioned on Chapter 1:Selling cheap is an option; if you live to tell the tale.

Netflix – House of Cards

3rd Season Official Trailer • Link to the article of the magazine Strategy+Business that analyzes Netflix integration. (

Article from the magazine Strategy+Business Autumn 2015: Vertical Integration 2.0: An Old Strategy Makes a Comeback


Service where several passengers share a ride in the same direction, paying less than an exclusive trip. (UberPool)

Smartphones market

GfK report on the sales evolution of Smartphones per region: Global Smartphone sales

Secrets of prices book (Los secretos de los precios)

Promotional trailer of the book Los secretos de los precios from Ariel Baños (Spanish) • Link to the site of the book. (

Hilton Worldwide brand portfolio

Hilton corporate site and its brand portfolio:

La Biela Restaurant (Buenos Aires)

La Biela restaurant in La Recoleta, Buenos Aires • Menu of the restaurant where two columns with different prices, depending if its consumed indoors or outside (outside is 20% more on average) • Images from inside and outside the restaurant. (