Bonus material

Enjoy additional content of the examples and cases mentioned within the book. Click on the chapter you want to check the additional information.

Chapter 1: Selling cheap is an option; if you live to tell the tale

Netflix House of Cards • UberPool • Smartphones market • Tata Nano car • The secret of the prices book (Spanish) • Hilton Worldwide portfolio of brands • La Biela Restaurant in Buenos Aires.

Chapter 2: If a client doesn’t perceive a difference, they will decide based on price

Techron gasoline additive • Farmacias Similares (drugstore chain) • Juan Valdez differentiates a commodity • Campaign The Man in the Chair • The Price of Everything.

Chapter 3: Not everyone wants to buy cheap

IKEA “Un cero de más” (An additional zero) • Canaima Store • Reinova • Samurai Easy Gliss Iron • Raddar • Geek Squad.

Chapter 4: Stop chasing the wrong customer

The Purple Cow by Seth Godin • Mamba Juices • Grill Academy.

Chapter 5: The art of differentiation

Evolution of the differentiation concept • Differentiation study from Millward Brown.

Chapter 6: How to design your difference

Net Promoter Score (NPS) • Salvador Restaurant (Buenos Aires) • The Cookie Factory pastry shop • Changes in Google algorithm • Disney University • Keynotes Consultants (Bahrain) • Vital Voices • Gabrielle Aurel (Sapen/Sonje Ayity) • Medieval culture • Initia Relocation Panamá • Atlas pianos • Vending machines • MP3 before the iPod • The End of Competitive Advantage • Clight Sticks • Granja Mallorca Uruguay.

Chapter 7: How to test your difference

Pizza brands positioning • Battery testers • Citi Argentina • Colgate Ultra White • Tierra Tec.

Chapter 8: How to communicate your difference

Verizon mobile • LoJack security system • Fage yogurt • Easy store • Mister Tru • I Cant’t Believe it’s not Butter • Juan Valdez Café • BDP Smart • Ask More Get More • The Differentiation Model • Edison Osorio plastic surgery.

Chapter 9: Differentiation is a never-ending process

Shampoo for men • Virgin Mobile pay per second • Twizy Electric vehicles • Reebok Reetone • Blackberry pin • Playboy market strategy • Ways to order Domino’s pizza • Holding an event in Las Vegas.

Chapter 10: 100 Examples of differentiation

10 examples of Positioning Yourself Differently • 10 examples of Product Features • 10 examples of Service Level • 10 examples of Storytelling • 10 examples of Market Niche • 10 examples of Customer Experience • 10 examples of Specialization • 10 examples of Distribution • 10 examples of Design • 10 examples of Processes.