Additional Material

Chapter 2

Additional information of examples and brands mentioned on Chapter 2: If a client doesn’t perceive a difference, they will decide based on price.

Techron gasoline aditive

Website that explains product features: Techron

Farmacias Similares

Farmacias Similares (Similar Pharmacies) website: Farmacias Similares

Juan Valdez differentiates a commodity

Juan Valdez Promotional video • Café de Colombia historic ads • Book: Juan Valdez, la estrategia detrás de la marca (Juan Valdez, the strategy behind the brand) • Juan Valdez Communication article.

Article that explains the evolution of Juan Valdez communication (Spanish): Juan Valdez, más que una campaña publicitaria.

The Man in the Chair Campaign

Ad The Man in the Chair from McGraw-Hill, 1958 • Video that adapts the concept to modern digital times.

The Price of Everything

Book The Price of Everything from Eduardo Porter, where explains that the price is a relative function of perceived value: The Price of Everything.