Additional Material

Chapter 3

Additional information of examples and brands mentioned on Chapter 3: Not everyone wants to buy cheap.

IKEA “Un cero de más” (One more zero)

Video from the experiment made by IKEA in Madrid, where added one more zero to a mattress to see customers reaction , going from €449 to €4490.

Canaima store

This business sells construction materials and started to sell packed sand instead of bulk. All expectations were exceeded. Clients are willing to pay for more benefits: Canaima.

Samurai Easy Gliss iron

Iron that despite its high cost, is bought by people with limited income, demonstrating that quality is not only seek by high-income people: Samurai Easy Gliss.

Raddar study

Forecast Raddar/McCann 2015-2016.

Geek Squad

Geek Squad  is a business unit from Best Buy, specialized on technical support to users, with an innovative way to present its services. Their promise: We take care of your technological needs. Services: Geek Squad.