Additional Material

Chapter 6

Additional information of examples and brands mentioned on Chapter 6: How to design your difference.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

NPS detailed explanation: Net Promoter Score

Link to the book The Ultimate Question on Amazon: The Ultimate Question 2.0 

Salvador restaurant (Buenos Aires)

Restaurant in Buenos Aires that opens while others remain closed: Restaurante Salvador

The Cookie Factory pastry shop (Positioning yourself differently)

Party Boxes: Baby Boy • Back to School • Birthday • Fashion • Soccer • Easter • Pirates • First Comunion • Princess. Themed cookies: The Cookie Factory.

Changes in Google algorithm (Product feature)

Google algorithm historic changes since 2000: Google Algorithm Change History

Disney University (Service level)

Disney U book • Interview with Doug Lipp, author of Disney U • David Gómez being trained by Disney Institute.

Amazon link to the book: Disney U

Keynotes Consultants

Eman Bu-Rashid • Consulting company in Bahrain (Middle East): Keynotes Consultants

Vital Voices

Washington-based NGO that promotes women leadership around the world: Vital Voices

David Gómez training women entrepreneurs from Latin America and the Caribbean in Mexico City (October 2015):

Gabrielle Aurel – Sapen S.A./Sonje Ayiti (Storytelling)

Gabrielle Aurel and David Gómez in Mexico City (Oct. 2015) • Gabrielle Aurel story (audio) • Video from the project Sonje Ayiti (Remember Haiti).

Medieval culture (Market niche)

Mundo Medieval in Mexico organizes events and shows.

Ávila City in Spain celebrates around medieval heritage: Ávila Medieval.

Initia Relocation (Customer experience)

Relocation company for those that go to live in Panama: Initia Relocation

Atlas pianos (Specialization)

Vending machines (Distribution)

Vending machines: Lego • Best Buy Electronics • Samsara women’s stockings • Cosmetics’ boutique.

MP3 before the iPod (Design)

The iPod was not the first MP3 player in the market, nevertheless dominated it thanks to its design: Five portable MP3 players that arrived before the iPod

Diamond Rio PMP300 (1998) – RCA Lyra RD2201A (1999) – Creative Nomad Jukebox 6000 (2000) – iAudio CW100 (2000) – Archos Jukebox 6000 (2000)

The End of Competitive Advantage

McGrath’s conversation in Google Campus London • Book website • Webinar at Harvard Business Review.

Rita McGrath’s book: The End of Competitive Advantage

Webinar of professor McGrath at Harvard Business Review: The End of Competitive Advantage HBR

Clight sticks

Video of Clight Sticks special edition • Video bottles Etnia edition • Benito Fernández designer website.

Bottles with design creates new consumption occasions for Clight Sticks: Benito Fernández designer

Granja Mallorca (Processes)

Madelon Oddo, Director of Granja Mallorca in Uruguay and David Gómez (Mexico City, Oct. 2015) • Portfolio of products from Granja Mallorca.

Granja Mallorca’s difference is in the small details and its processes, taking care of the soil: Granja Mallorca