Additional Material

Chapter 9

Additional information of examples and brands mentioned on Chapter 9: Differentiation is a never-ending process.

Shampoo for men

Ego was the first brand in Colombia that exploited the concept of shampoo for men, focusing their humorous campaign on the fact that men couldn’t continue using women’s shampoo.

Other brands paired the concept, so Ego ceased to be the only brand positioned as shampoo for men.

Virgin Mobile per seconds

Virgin entered Colombia with a different proposal: Charging per seconds instead of minutes:

Other brands followed, so they migrated their difference to the customer experience at the contact centers.

Reebok Reetone

Reebok was the first brand to launch sneakers that helped to tone. Soon it became the standard promise.

Other brands started to promote the same benefit:

Nike counterattacks saying that sneakers don’t make magic, that only work if you workout:

Blackberry pin

Operators started to defy the exclusivity of Blackberry pin when WhatsApp was launched with the campaign: “Get rid of the pin.”

Playboy strategy

Nudes were revolutionary in 1953, but 62 years later the world is different. A change in its strategy. With a stronger content focus “to be seen at work”, grew 258% in one year.

Ways to order Domino’s pizza

Domino’s has perfected its difference focused on simplifying the way to order pizza, where you now have 6 different ways to order: Text message, tweet, smart tv, from your car, smart watch or voice message.

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